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Steve Stuebs

N3328 Tipperary Road
Cascade, WI 53011



Town of Lyndon DPW Supervisor

Job Description

Employment status and compensation:  The DPW Supervisor shall be a full time employee of the Town of Lyndon.  Compensation will be determined by the Town Board and will be paid monthly or at such intervals as the Board may determine.  The Town will provide liability insurance to protect the DPW Supervisor and the town from claims of erroneous actions or damages to property.  The town will also provide workers compensation insurance. The town will provide an allowance for health insurance and make matching contributions to Wisconsin Retirement System.  Paid time off is also provided with the amount to be determined by the Town Board.

License Requirements:  The DPW Supervisor must possess a commercial driver’s license from the State of Wisconsin to operate town road equipment including a dump truck, snow plow and any other similar equipment that may be used in maintenance, repair and construction of town roads.  The license number must be provided to the town clerk and shall be kept on record.  The license number must also be made available to the town’s insurance carrier if requested.

General statement of duties:  Perform routine maintenance and construction duties  such as equipment and sign maintenance, roadside mowing, brush and tree removal, tree trimming, snow removal, salt and sand as needed and duties assigned under the direction of Town Board supervisor who oversees road work or town chair.  This position requires work beyond the normal work day for snow removal and snow emergencies.

This position is also responsible for upkeep and maintenance to the Town of Lyndon cemetery and Town of Lyndon town hall.

Examples of Work:

  1. Meet or confer with a Town Board supervisor weekly.
  2. Operator trucks, tractors and other department equipment as required.
  3. Repair or report road repair as needed.
  4. Perform routine maintenance and minor repairs on equipment and buildings the town owns.
  5. Perform labor on construction or maintenance; such as ditching, brush trimming, roadside mowing, sign repair and replacement.
  6. Help with snow and ice removal.
  7. Attend workshops and classes as required.

Desirable Qualifications:  Some knowledge in the methods, materials, tools and equipment used in road and related maintenance with entry level ability to use them.  Ability to make minor repairs and adjustments to a variety of equipment and machines.  Ability to understand and effectively carryout oral and written instructions.

Desirable Training and Experience:  Some previous road maintenance or construction experience or experience in related fields such as truck or equipment operations.  Completion of a high school course or a combination of experience and skills or training that provides the necessary skills for this entry-level position.

Supervisory work:  The DPW Supervisor will supervise any other employees hired for road maintenance work and may be asked to assist in recruiting and interviewing potential employees.  The DPW Supervisor will be responsible for reporting hours worked by him and other employees and will make a written report on hours worked to the town clerk no later than the third business day of month.

Records and Reports:  DPW Supervisor will keep a running account of money budgeted and spent for road purposes and will report this information monthly to the Town Board either orally or in writing if so requested.  DPW Supervisor will also complete, with Town Board assistance if needed, road grading reports and other highway reports as may be required by the state.

Planning:  The DPW Supervisor will work with the Town Board to prepare a long-range plan for maintenance and improvement of town roads and equipment.  The DPW Supervisor will work with the Town Board on the annual budget for the DPW department.

Public Relations:  The DPW Supervisor shall treat members of the public with respect and courtesy and shall ensure that employees under his supervision shall do the same.